From Dr. Doug – We Will Win This Together!

Hi Everyone,

I want to start by saying how inspired I am by all the positive steps taken by the members of our community to foster better health safety for us all.

Your commitment to the greater good has motivated me to do an even better job at helping everyone be healthier together. I want to help you Streamline your Health, Body, and Mind so We Can Win This Together.

One of the central pillars of my Wellness practice is to help educate my patients about ways that nutrition can be used to optimize our well-being. As we grapple with the COVID news flooding our inboxes, it’s important that each of us takes steps to support our Immune System and provide ourselves with the Anti-Viral protection that our lungs need (COVID loves to coagulate your lungs). Let’s talk about these powerful nutrients…..

Vitamin D.

You’ve probably heard that Vitamin D is powerful against COVID.

It turns out that Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients for our existence. Research shows that those with proper levels of 60-80 mg/l showed optimal lung clearing response for Pneumonia and had Killer T cells in abundance.



This nutrient has been published for years showing its great effects on Immune function. We get Glutathione in foods but taking a supplement provides a great Immune boost response.


Annatto E + GG

This is probably a new one for most of you. Both parts of this formula were discovered by Dr Tan. The GG has been shown to have Anti-Viral effects while also regenerating the Immune System. Don’t be surprised someday when you see Dr. Tan winning a Nobel Prize for his work on this! Our bodies produce GG naturally and is the master precursor for many anti-oxidants and tissue regenerators. At 300mg per day, this nutrient does amazing things for our 32 Trillion cells.

I could keep going but we need to know this:

Gov Andy Beshear and the CDC is begging Kentuckians to make an investment in getting Healthier today. Unfortunately, our Bluegrass State is #1 in Heart Disease and Diabetes and the 5th Most Obese state in the nation! It is precisely Co-Morbidities such as these that allow COVID to wreck havoc on our lives. 95% of those who have died here in Kentucky have had underlying co-morbidities.

This Is HOW you can take action today:

I have designed 4 proven programs that have helped over 2200 people Lose Weight, Reverse Diabetes and Heart Disease and Ramp-up Immune Health with my Anti-Aging program. Visit and shop for the supplements that will help you reach your health goals in any of my 4 programs.



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I am Impressed with the efforts all of you made in trying STAY HEALTHY AT HOME. I would be honored to Help you you BECOME HEALTHIER AT HOME.

Please forward this email to everyone you know so we can all make this happen …… WE WILL WIN THIS TOGETHER.

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 Dr. Doug

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